Intercultural Communication

Intercultural Coaching for Business People – Establishing and Maintaining Business Contacts with Russian Counterparts   

Western and Eastern Europe, in particular Russia: a successful business relationship between representatives of two such differing mentalities implies compromise based on cultural sensitivity. 

Our training will give you insight into building intercultural competency, and provide you with essential skills for creating a successful international business experience. 

We will walk this path. Together. 

I am from Russia, and received my first university degree in Cultural Studies, summa cum laude, from a Russian University. Over the course of time I have acquired much intercultural experience with Russians and people from former Soviet countries, while interpreting from German and English into Russian at European conferences. 

The multicultural experience I bring from having lived in Russia, Israel, and UK, as well as having worked as an interpreter with Russian delegations, provides a solid foundation for the intercultural counseling I offer. Counseling is aimed at German and English-speaking business people and scientists.

In the course of intercultural training, we will explore the following major points:

  • “Russians” as a generic term for Russian native speakers
  • Your business trip to Russia or other CIS-countries: Getting Prepared
  • Signing a contract: general terms in the format West-East
  • False friends in non-verbal communication
  • The private sphere of your Russian counterpart
  • HR strategies in Russia and other CIS-countries
  • Intercultural exchange and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

In cooperation with BVMW and ATICOM we have started a series of Russian 
business culture evenings.